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It is shown that a general class of solutions to Einstein's empty-space equation, with a cosmological constant, give automatic confinement of a scalar field to an approximately flat space of one dimension less. A stochastic control approach is used in a feasibility study of ship maneuverability in the vicinity of an obstacle. The study uses a realistic dynamical model for the ship's motion in deep-water. A simplified model problem reduced from the general class of elastic scattering problems is analyzed. Both classical Helmholtz and hypersingular formulations are discussed and a general h-p boundary element method based on the Burton-Miller combination of both approaches is formulated. A simple L2-residual a posteriori error estimate is Shop Timberland Canada discussed as a basis of adaptive h- or p-refinements. The analysis of the photoelectron HeI spectra of the compounds Hg(SR)2 (R = Me, Et, Prn, Pri, Bun, Bui and But) and of the results of iterative extended Hückel calculations on selected members of the series suggests that in these compounds the HgS bonds have a partial double-bond character due to a weak π-interaction between the filled 3p Timberland Shoes In Canada sulphur orbitals and the emply 6p orbitals of mercury.